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Hoy: Papá espía / Today: Papa spy

El 14 de December de 2010 en Books, Cultural Activities por | Sin comentarios

In the 1930s Tom Burns was a rising star of British publishing.

When war was declared, Burns joined the Ministry of Information, a propaganda wing of the secret services, and in 1940 he was sent to Madrid as press attaché to the British Embassy.

En los años treinta Tom Burns era una estrella emergente en el mundo de la edición británica.

Cuando se declaró la guerra, Burns se unió al Ministerio de Información, rama propagandística de los servicios secretos y en los años cuarenta fue enviado a Madrid como agregado de prensa de la Embajada británica.

Presentación de libro / Book launch,

14/12/2010 (18:00 h) Instituto Cervantes
Lincoln House. Lincoln Place
Dublín 2

Página web del autor / Author’s website
Video promocional / Promotional video
Aquí se puede leer el primer capítulo / First chapter (in Spanish)
Juega a Papa espía / Play the Papa Spy game:


Maika Makovski en concierto / in concert

Foto: Carlos Mercader

Foto: Carlos Mercader

El Instituto Cervantes presenta a Maika Makovski en concierto. Entrada gratuita.

Maika Makovski live in Whelan’s. Free Entrance

HOY Lunes / TODAY Monday, 13th December, 8:00 pm.
Wexford Street, Dublin 2


Bajo las estrellas / Under the stars

El 8 de December de 2010 en Cultural Activities, Spanish Cinema por | Sin comentarios

Proyección cinematográfica / Film Screening

Hoy / Today 08/12/2010 7:00 pm.

Instituto Cervantes
Lincoln House, Lincoln Place
Dublin 2


Talk with Arturo Ripstein

Instituto Cervantes in Dublín has the pleasure to show the film “Deep Crimson” from director Arturo Ripstein and Paz Alicia Garciadiego (scriptwriter). They will present the film and after the screening, we will have the opportunity to chat with them.

From a true story that had already been taken to the screen –The Honeymoon Killers (1970), a B movie and Truffaut favorite- in the hands of Arturo Ripstein and relocated in Mexico, it has become his masterpiece and won him the international acclaim he long deserved.
The film merges a cruel world, humanized monsters and a black humor that shows up when least expected.
Arturo Ripstein, born in Mexico City in 1943, is the son of a well-known producer. He studied law, history and art history before plunging into a film career in 1962, as an assistant to Luis Buñuel.
In 1965, he directed his first feature, Tiempo de Morir, written by Carlos Fuentes and Gabriel García Márquez, it began a tradition of making independent films written by high-profile Latin-American authors.
In 1997, Ripstein won the National Prize of Arts and Sciences, the second filmmaker after Buñuel to do so.
Paz Alicia Garciadiego is the scriptwriter of many of his films.

Today, 25/11/2010 (18:00 h) at Instituto Cervantes
Lincoln House. Lincoln Place
Dublín 2


KUMAR in concert

Foto: Xavier Torres Bacchetta

Kumar, born in “Mantilla” (Havana, Cuba), is a young artist who has developed his career very soon not only in the hiphop scene, also in the world music circuit.

His approach to music is inspired by Cuban hip hop.

Coming from the Cuban musical underground, he is known for his work and his collaborations with many Cuban musicians from the experimental jazz area, alternative and traditional.

He also participated in the soundtrack for the movie “Habana Blues” by Benito Zambrano (Goya Award for the best soundtrack).

In 2007 he moved to Barcelona to complete his album. In the last two years he has performed in the major jazz, world music and Latin music festivals in Europe. His music is based on the research into the roots of Cuban music and its African cultural heritage.

Today, 13/11/2010 (20:00 h) at Grand Social Club.
Lower Liffey Street.
1 Dublín


In conversation with Andrés Trapiello


Andrés Trapiello

Café Literario will be a setting for a special evening with the writer Andrés Trapiello. We will go through different layers and aspects of his versatile literary creation.

Andrés Trapiello. Born in Manzaneda de Torío (León) in 1953 and based in Madrid since 1975. Currently he works as a writer and freelance journalist collaborating with numerous publications.

As a poet he published Junto al agua (1980), Las tradiciones (1982), La vida fácil (1985), El mismo libro (1989), and complete poetry works entitled Las tradiciones (1991) and Acaso una verdad (1993) .

His novels are La tinta simpática (1988), El buque fantasma (1992), La malandanza (1996), Días y noches (2000) and Los amigos del crimen perfecto (2003), which received the Nadal Prize, Al morir don Quijote (2004) and Los confines (2009).

He published sixteen tomes of diaries entitled Salón de los pasos perdidos (Salon of lost steps).

10/11, 6pm. Café Literario, Instituto Cervantes Dublín
Moderación: Gabriel Sánchez Espinosa (Queen’s University Belfast)
En español con traducción al inglés disponible. | In Spanish with interpreting into English available.

Read more…


An Alphabet of Cinema Ñ

El 29 de October de 2010 en Cultural Activities, Spanish Cinema por | Sin comentarios

film series at #ICDublin

Un ABCdario del cine Ñ is a cinema season that takes us on a journey through Spanish cinema, from its inception to more recent productions, at the hands of directors that may be described as young, mythical, exceptional and internationally renowned.

You can enjoy the best of Spanish comedies, drama, animation and documentaries.

It is a cinema season that ensures a complete representation of Spanish cinema through the work of Spanish directors.

03/11/2010 to 15/12/2010

7 pm. Café Literario.
Instituto Cervantes in Dublin

  • Foreign Women.
  • Soldiers of Salamina.
  • The Miracle of Candeal.
  • Carol’s Journey.
  • Amateurs.
  • Under the Stars.
  • Habana Blues.
  • Share

    The adventures of the Wet Señor

    Author: Conor Gallagher

    Based on the true account of Spanish Armada Captain Francisco De Cuéllar. After a terrible storm in 1588, Captain Francisco De Cuellar of the Spanish Armada is washed ashore on Streedagh beach in Sligo. This is the story of his incredible Irish Odyssey.

    23rd of October, Axis Theatre

    Tour Oct/Nov 2010 The Adventures Of The Wet Señor



    Transcultural: the cinema of encounter

    El 19 de October de 2010 en Cultural Activities, Spanish Cinema por | Sin comentarios

    film series at IC Dublin

    The contemporary documentary cycle “Transcultural: through the eyes of others” brings together a series of films which tackle the migratory convergence taking place in today’s Spain.

    The four documentaries in this selection have been made by independent production companies, and each one visibly attempts to a give new perspective on the meeting of cultures, highlighting both problems and solutions.

    The common thread in these productions is the need to discuss issues which are right up to the minute, and to shed light on the tensions and assimilations inherent in the collision of cultures.

    The documentaries in this cycle propose answers to the age-old problem of identity, and, in clear terms, set out to lay the foundations for a better future in which we can all integrate through dialogue.


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