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Lampposts in the city

2nd prize  7-11 y. o. category

One day long ago there lived a young man called Thomas. He read far too many books than he should for his age and he soon thought that he could be like the knights if he tried.

He began to become a little crazy as he polished his great, great grandfather’s old and very rusty suit of armour. He read as he worked and he worked as he read. As soon as he finished the armour he put it all on and he set off. He passed his friend Harry’s house.

He called him over and asked him if he wanted to go with him. Harry said yes for Thomas and he were so close and they set off to fight the monsters that where harming the city. There were no monsters of course because they were both as crazy as the crazy god.

They thought the lampposts that lit up the city at night were the so called ‘monsters’. They found the first lamppost (or ‘monster’) at the meadow in witch Thomas and Harry played in when they were young. It was getting dark so the lampposts were lighting up.

Thomas said to his faithful companion Harry: “the monsters are lighting their torches to set fire to the city! Everyone is going to die! But not if we save them from the monsters horrible clutches. WE WILL SAVE OUR PEOPLE AND THE REST OF THE CITY!” and with that they sliced the lamppost in half and the rest of the lampposts followed in their footsteps soon after.

But they did not save the city they just got a £100 fine and two years in prison.

Nikki M.-B.
CE Sant Michael’s Church Primary School, Lincolnshire.

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