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My Quijote

My quijote is my sister. This is a story of when she had a little too much imagination.

One day when my sister, Emma was reading her favorite book, Percy Jackson & the Olympians she just wandered off. One minute she’s there and the next she’s not. “Uh-uh” I said to myself. I was supposed to keep an eye on her. I went down stairs to see if she was there. She wasn’t. Then I felt a breeze, the door was OPEN! She went outside. I was in big trouble.  

I went down the street to see if she was there. She was there all right, but the only thing that worried me was that she looked like she was ready for battle. She took out a pen and clicked it all I saw was that she had a pen, but what she saw was completely different. She slashed at an innocent guy carrying groceries with her pen and the guy ran away. ‘What was she seeing!’ I thought almost out loud. Before I could grab her, she ran up the street.

While she was running she tripped on the sidewalk. She got a big gash on her leg. I was going to grab her and take her home, but then she pulled out a muffin and ate a little and she seemed to be fine and kept running – toward me!
I was thinking of ways to get her home. Then it came to me, she was imagining all this so if I won she would be so upset and come home. I decided to go with that plan. When she came at me I just stepped to the side so she missed. I jumped up from behind her. She was so surprised that she fell to the ground. Then she got up and started running toward the house.

I’d thought I did it but then I realized that she ran right past the house. I started chasing her. I must have chased her for about 3 blocks until I caught up. Then I chased her toward the house. I managed to get her to the house but she wouldn’t go in. she looked like she wanted to kill me. When I stared at her for a few seconds. I realized that she still had her book in front of her if I could just get up to her and take away her book she would stop acting like this.

Then out of the blue I just jumped up at her and she dropped her book. “ How did I get out here. I was laying on my bed reading” she said.

“I think you got a little to carried away with your book” I said.
“Not again” she wined.

We went inside right in time for my parents to come home and tell them everything that happened.   

Sofia Guarnieri
Southbank Internacional School, Hampstead

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