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The Quijote in my life

Don Quijote is an adventurous, imaginative, dreamer which is why it might be that my granddad is most like Don Quijote, he is everything like him. For instance my granddad, Frank, is wonderful plus insane in a very weird way, which is exactly like the one and only Don Quijote. Crazy isn’t it! Anyway, it you want it in more detail, you’ll have to read on.

First of all, my granddad is adventurous all round, with an imagination exactly like Don Quijote’s. As well as my granddad always wanting one tiny breath of fresh air, he loves to go travelling anywhere. He is the kind of person that doesn’t care where he’s travelling, so long as it’s going to be an adventure to last in his memory forever, not just one that will fade away in two seconds. He never went fighting windmills or anything. However, I still think that he is an adventurous animal!

Despite being an adventurous animal, my granddad is mad on horse racing! If my granddad is watching T.V it is definitely horses he is watching. Plus he also bets on them every year and even lets us sometimes. If my granddad got to choose one animal it would be a horse, just like Don Quijote. My granddad may not be a knight travelling on a horse but I can tell you now he seriously is mad on horse racing!!!

Now I would like to tell you how my granddad absolutely loves reading any type of books. He especially likes reading the newspaper. When you see my granddad he will always be having a quiet moment on the sofa reading any type of book. My granddad doesn’t read books about knights but he sure does read a lot.

For one thing I would definitely like to tell you what a wacky weirdo my granddad is. I mean, he is the most bizarre person I know! He’s not embarrassing or anything, he’s just naturally bonkers! You could say that my granddad is a bamboozler living in his own world, kind of like Don Quijote because you can certainly tell that Don is out of his mind just like my granddad.

He’s wacky! He’s weird! He’s totally out of his mind! You now probably agree with me that my granddad is the ultimate Don Quijote! Without him in my life, my granddad, I would be an empty pit of despair!

Amy T.
Park Road Primary School

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