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Sursum Linguae 2014: European Cultural Walking Tour

Sursum Linguae 2014

17 September 2014

Balassi Institute Hungarian Cultural Centre
Camões Institute
Instituto Cervantes London
Italian Cultural Institute

This is EUNIC

EUNIC is the network of the international cultural institutes from the member states of the European Union. It was formed in 2006 and has 29 members from 24 countries. Around the world, member institutes come together in “clusters” to develop local activities, and there are over 80 clusters at present. They have an international reputation as Europe’s leading cultural relations practitioners. Their projects focus on arts, languages, youth, and education, science, intercultural dialogue, and devel- opment sectors.
EUNIC London is the network of the cultural institutes from the member states of the European Union in London. Established in September 2007 the network has at present 31 members who share knowledge and resources on common projects, with the aim of developing European cultural diversity and creativity in the UK.

Why a European Cultural Centres walking tour?

The Sursum Linguae project involves several communication and debate projects to be held in London throughout the year. One part of this project is this guided tour of some of the most representative European cultural institutes in London. Thanks to Sursum Linguae, EUNIC aims to raise awareness and bring to London’s audience the multilingual diversity represented by the European cultural institutes. The diversity within the walls and the cultural richness from its rooms have prompted us to organise this tour, which aims to “stage” in one afternoon the union within diversity in the field of EUNIC, for those who want to enrol therefore in a “glocal” concept of cultural and linguistic experience. The thrill of the living experience cannot be replaced: nothing compares to the actual touch of books and accents, to walk through the rooms filled with echoes, the smell of history of the buildings, and the dynamism which brings the direct contemplation of the various proposals we support.

Walking Tour events at the Instituto Cervantes London

The Instituto Cervantes London will offer a range of activities and discounts for all new students. Level tests between 5pm and 8pm. Enrolment will be open, exceptionally, until 8pm! Plus there will be a 10 % discount for all new students who enrol in person on that day. 20 minutes taster lessons for absolute beginners, at 5 and 6pm.
Guided tours for the exhibitions “Out of the Cage” at 6:30pm and “Cornwall & Hidalgo and enduring connection” at 7pm.
Guided tours to Reina Sofia Library and 10% discount for all new members who joining the library on the day.

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