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Learn how to prepare an Asturian fabada bean stew with Hispania

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Hispania’s premises, with more than 9,000 square feet are part of the ground floor of the historical building of Lloyds Bank. Hispania is located at 72-74 Lombard Street, one of the most emblematic streets of London, across Bank Underground Station, in the heart of the City.

With two floors dedicated to show the best of Spain, Hispania is the largest, most accomplished and ambitious project devoted to Spanish gastronomy in Europe And with almost 50 meters of facade and 8.5 meters total height, Hispania holds a license to operate as a restaurant, bar, shop and take-away.

Almost 9,000 square feet of space make Hispania a proper flagship store of Spanish cuisine, food and culture.

Hispania in London

Designed by the renowned interior designer and antique dealer Lorenzo Castillo and under the gastronomic coordination of award-winning chef Marcos Moran, Hispania is the latest great culinary sensation, offering the best experience of Spanish lifestyle, gastronomy, and culture in London. The prominent architect Tommy Tait, who also designed the well-known Selfridges department store, planned the building where Hispania’s premises are located. In 2007, the building went through a full refurbishment valued at more than 65 million pounds, being converted into premium office space.

Award-winning chef Marcos Moran

Fabada de Prendes, for 4 people


500 kg of dried beans or 1 kg of fresh beans (in this case there is no soaking)

2 Asturian black pudding

2 Asturian chorizos

1/4 of a saffron sachet

A small piece of unsalted bacon

60cl of oil

1 teaspoon chopped onion

 Salt to taste

¼ teaspoon sweet paprika

200cl of chicken broth

1 small piece of pork



  1. Soak the beans in cold water the night before you plan to make your fabada. 
  2. First, cook the chorizos, bacon and black pudding in water (just enough to cover them in the pan) for 10 minutes to degrease them. 
  3. Now, in a separate pan, bring the beans to a slow boil and scoop out the foam that starts to form on top of the water. Boil for approximately 20 minutes. 
  4.  Add the oil, chopped onion and sweet paprika to the pan with the beans. 
  5. Next, add a little water to the saffron to make a little broth and then tip this into the fabada also. 
  6. Season the beans with salt and pepper then, turn off the heat and let the beans rest.
  7. Turn the heat back to low and cook slowly for an hour and a half, making sure to top up the broth they’re cooked in so that they don’t boil dry.
  8. The fabada will be ready when the beans are still holding their shape but soft enough that they taste creamy and delicate.


Traditionally, we present the beans and the meat separately.

The broth must be somewhat thick; if it is very liquid, it is advisable to pass some beans through a sieve and incorporate them into the pot to thicken the broth.

Asturian fabada bean stew

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