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Our culture will run freely to build a better society…

El 2 de abril de 2020 en Uncategorized por | Sin comentarios

As it’s right and proper,
Instituto Cervantes is working with
the minimum number of members of staff.
We do not neglect ourselves,
we take care of ourselves.
Our offices do not have the
hectic of normal days;
our Caja de las Letras
misses its visitors:
our auditorium bites its tongue,
it does nott speak about
culture in Spanish,
Catalan, Basque or Galician.
Our centres fulfill their duty
with discipline
the security measures
of each country.
But people from Cervantes
work from their homes,
spread around the world,
and it’s being a long time
since we work online too.
We defend our languages,
we take take of ourselves
in our languages.
And sooner rather than later,
we are sure that
the great groves will be opened,
and our culture will run freely
to build a better society.
And our offices,
our centres,
will be moved
again by words and phones,
paper noises,
keyboards and works.
And our Caja de las Letras
will receive again
the visit of those who search
the legacy of their elders.
And our auditoriums
will be filled with people.
Under the identity
of a language

that has made us free
and for the one we bet on
as a task
of democratic seduction.

Words by Instituto Cervantes Director, Luis García Montero

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