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Pablo Albo makes the London public laugh with his stories

Storyteller Pablo Albo (Alicante, 1971) made the British public laugh yesterday with his «Storytelling: Little Edifying Stories» at an event held at Reina Sofia library, at the Instituto Cervantes in London.

The stories were based on a string of lies. But instead of trying to deceive the audience, Albo revelled in the «pure fiction» of the stories and the simplicity of oral narration. This was the storyteller’s first visit to London, who travels the world with this stories from Ireland, to Australia and Brazil.»Between a person telling a story and others listening, there is a personal and very intense contact. It generates a dynamic that we are all in the same, everyone is included and there is a very large connection through the word,» says Albo.

“Coming to London has been a very beautiful and very enriching experience. The link was Spanish, with children of different levels and backgrounds. It has been very nice to see kids with whom I shared the word, the thread of the story and the narrative,» says Albo, after a three-day tour in the British capital in which he also took his storytelling to Parkwood Primary School and the Cañada Blanch Spanish School.
Albo considers himself a ‘word tamer’ with 25 years of experience. Everyday, he submits words to «a curious and exhaustive training». In fact, he piles them up, he orders them, makes them into turrets, redoubles the corners, he scours the adjectives, and then finally adjusts them.

It’s not an easy job, but he laughs a lot and takes delight in his work; sees beauty in the nooks and crannies and intricacies of the stories that form around him. And he knows that ultimately, words are never really what they seem. What’s left unsaid is often as important as what’s said.

Back in seventh grade, Albo won the story contest of his class. They gave him a rubber ball and a magnetic set. It was the start of nurturing his talent. He did not stop writing stories and in 1994 he began to recount them out loud.

Albo then studied Social Work at the University of Alicante, but never got to practice. With two friends, he founded the Albo group, which provided him with inspiration and satisfaction for more than ten years. But now he follows the adventure alone, using only words and gestures.

«I started in this world as a hobby, I never thought it would be my job, I did not intend it or anything. They were calling me from more places and it became my profession, without intending it. For pleasure, I have always enjoyed a lot,» he acknowledges.

Albo has published more than 30 children’s books and has participated in five books of stories for adults. His work has been translated into English, German, French, Italian and Portuguese.

Art Workshop and Storytelling 2

Queridos todos:

Desde aquí queremos recordar vuestra participación en la actividad de Taller de Arte y Cuentacuentos que tuvo lugar el pasado sábado 13 de Noviembre en el Instituto Cervantes.

Asimismo, queremos agradecer por su actuación tanto a Lorena Carvajal como a Montse Domínguez que nos hicieron pasar una mañana de lo más divertida.

 Por ello, aquí os dejamos un vídeo con una recopilación de los mejores momentos vividos el pasado sábado.

Muchas gracias por vuestra asistencia y esperamos que os hayáis divertido!

Art Workshop & Storytelling

This activity includes The Art Trolley Workshop with Lorena Carbajal from 10.30 to 11.30am and Storytelling by Montse Domínguez from 11.30 am to 1.00 pm.

The Art Trolley Workshops provide a creative atmosphere where children can explore, create, express themselves, and learn through art, using a variety of exciting techniques from animation to printmaking.

Lorena Carbajal is an art espcialist educator and professional artist. She has worked as a puppeter, actress and storyteller.

Montse Domínguez has great experience with children. She has worked in the Westminster libraries as storyteller.


Instituto Cervantes
102 Eaton Square. London. SW1W 9AN.
Saturday 13 November from 10.30am to 1.00pm.

See you there!!

Storytelling = Cuentacuentos

CuentacuentosStorytelling and a fancy mask-making workshop joined together in a morning session in order to offer the little ones a few hours of magic and creativity in Spanish.

For the workshop we will be joined by Alberto San Andrés, founding member of Asociación Gozart, professional puppeteer and experienced in working with children. We will also be joined by professional storyteller Marta Marco Martialay, who has worked at festivals all over Spain.

For children between 5 and 8

Alberto San Andrés
Marta Marco Martialay

For inscription contact: cultlon1(at)cervantes.es. Approximate number of children: 30

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