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Two Worlds: an exhibition of new works by Jordi Forniés

El 10 de November de 2010 en Art, Painters, Spain in Dublin, Spanish Painters por | Sin comentarios

Shades of happiness

Jordi Forniés, born in Huesca in 1971 is a Catalan artist based in Dublin (Ireland).

A chemist by training, Jordi knows a thing or two about pigments and paint.  

His experience in this area combined with a very strong interest in the mineral world has lead Jordi to reinvent or re-interpret the complex yet beautiful landscapes within and without, mixing traditional and cutting edge design techniques.

Sculpting external material into the canvas before blending colours as time would in rock formations, the artist invites us on a journey through the inner self, exploring the geology of the mind, the meandering of distant memories, the erosion of emotions, the passing of love. 

Opening on Wednesday November 17 at 7 pm
Smock Alley Theatre.
Girls School.
Essex Street West.
Temple Bar. Dublin 8

Read more… Olliart.com


Martin Sheen on Spanish and Irish Culture

El 9 de November de 2010 en Spanish-Irish relations por | Sin comentarios

“I’ve always felt the balance between the two (cultures), I’ve never felt more Spanish than I did Irish and I’ve never felt more Irish than I did Spanish,” he told AFP following a news conference in the Galician capital of Santiago de Compostela, where is attending the Spanish premiere of “The Way”.

“I love both countries, and both cultures had a profound effect on me.”

Read more… Expatica.com


In conversation with Andrés Trapiello


Andrés Trapiello

Café Literario will be a setting for a special evening with the writer Andrés Trapiello. We will go through different layers and aspects of his versatile literary creation.

Andrés Trapiello. Born in Manzaneda de Torío (León) in 1953 and based in Madrid since 1975. Currently he works as a writer and freelance journalist collaborating with numerous publications.

As a poet he published Junto al agua (1980), Las tradiciones (1982), La vida fácil (1985), El mismo libro (1989), and complete poetry works entitled Las tradiciones (1991) and Acaso una verdad (1993) .

His novels are La tinta simpática (1988), El buque fantasma (1992), La malandanza (1996), Días y noches (2000) and Los amigos del crimen perfecto (2003), which received the Nadal Prize, Al morir don Quijote (2004) and Los confines (2009).

He published sixteen tomes of diaries entitled Salón de los pasos perdidos (Salon of lost steps).

10/11, 6pm. Café Literario, Instituto Cervantes Dublín
Moderación: Gabriel Sánchez Espinosa (Queen’s University Belfast)
En español con traducción al inglés disponible. | In Spanish with interpreting into English available.

Read more…


Prácticas en la biblioteca del Instituto Cervantes de Dublín

El 3 de November de 2010 en Library, Work experience - Prácticas por | Sin comentarios

Becas Argo

La biblioteca del Instituto Cervantes de Dublín ha abierto dos convocatorias en en el programa de becas Argo para titulados en biblioteconomía y documentación. Los interesados pueden inscribirse en www.becasargo.es

La biblioteca del Instituto Cervantes de Dublín también está interesada en recibir estudiantes y titulados en biblioteconomía y documentación a través del programa Erasmus Prácticas y de Becas Universa (Universidad de Zaragoza).

El Instituto Cervantes de Dublín prevé extender su programa de prácticas a otras áreas del centro próximamente. 


New to the library: November 2010

El 2 de November de 2010 en Library, New to the library por | Sin comentarios

Descortesía del suicidaThe latest additions to the library catalogue can be consulted on-line as usual.

Click ÚLTIMAS ADQUISICIONES, then select “Dublin”, and choose the time period, for example, the past 15 days, the past month, or the past 3 months.

This is our selection for November 2010

Specially for teachers of spanish as a foreign language and for their students:


Editorial DIFUSIÓN

The complete catalogue with the latest publications is now available at our library



Blind sunflowers  

Blind sunflowers

Alberto Méndez

Arcadia Books, 2008


Descortesía del suicida

Carlos Vitale

Candaya, 2008


Sólo un muerto más

Ramiro Pinilla

Tusquets, 2009

El animal piadoso  

El animal piadoso

Luis Mateo Díez

Círculo de Lectores, 2009

El informe San Marcos  

El informe San Marcos

Fermín Bocos

Martínez Roca, 2009

La fe ciega  

La fe ciega

Gustavo Nielsen

Páginas de Espuma, 2008



Al final del camino  

Al final del camino

dir. Roberto Santiago

Warner B. España, 2008

Un poco de chocolate

Un poco de chocolate

dir. Aitzol Aramaio

Aurum, 2008



Music from Christian and Jewish Spain  

Music from Christian and Jewish Spain

Jordi Savall

Virgin, 1999




Universal Music, 2009



Prince of Asturias Awards

Prince of Asturias Awards Ceremony

October was the month of awards. On the 7th October, the Swedish Academy awarded Mario Vargas Llosa the Nobel Prize for Literature.

On the 15th October, Eduardo Mendoza received the Planeta Prize, the literary award with the highest financial pay-out in Spain, and on the 22nd October, the prize-giving ceremony for the Prince of Asturias Awards took place in Oviedo.

The Prince of Asturias Awards are a series of annual prizes awarded in Spain by the Prince of Asturias Foundation to individuals, entities and organizations from around the world who make notable achievements in the sciences, humanities, or public affairs.

In November, we would like to invite our readers to get to know the work of some the Spanish and Latin American authors awarded Prince of Asturias Awards for Literature, whose work is perhaps less well-known in the public domain.

Read more…


An Alphabet of Cinema Ñ

El 29 de October de 2010 en Cultural Activities, Spanish Cinema por | Sin comentarios

film series at #ICDublin

Un ABCdario del cine Ñ is a cinema season that takes us on a journey through Spanish cinema, from its inception to more recent productions, at the hands of directors that may be described as young, mythical, exceptional and internationally renowned.

You can enjoy the best of Spanish comedies, drama, animation and documentaries.

It is a cinema season that ensures a complete representation of Spanish cinema through the work of Spanish directors.

03/11/2010 to 15/12/2010

7 pm. Café Literario.
Instituto Cervantes in Dublin

  • Foreign Women.
  • Soldiers of Salamina.
  • The Miracle of Candeal.
  • Carol’s Journey.
  • Amateurs.
  • Under the Stars.
  • Habana Blues.
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    Oblivion: A memoir by Hector Abad Faciolince – review

    El 26 de October de 2010 en Latin American writers, Writers por | Sin comentarios

    Hector Abad’s tribute to his father, ‘the communist doctor’ murdered by Colombian paramilitaries in 1987, is warm, witty and moving…

  • Julius Purcell
  • The Observer, Sunday 24 October 2010
  • Article history
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    New Spanish writing, by Miranda France

    El 22 de October de 2010 en Spanish writers por | Sin comentarios
    New Spanish Books

    New Spanish Books

    One of the great attractions of learning a foreign language – especially one your parents don’t speak – is that feeling of a door opening onto secret territory.

    Suddenly the hours spent poring over grammar books and verb tables yield their reward: here is a new world of landscapes, characters, sights and sounds one need not share with immediate family and friends.

    I have a bad memory for fiction, but the first Spanish novels I read, at about fifteen, have stayed with me better than English novels read at the same time. Thanks to those books, I travelled to Spain long before actually setting foot on Spanish soil.

    Read more… New Spanish writing, by Miranda France


    The adventures of the Wet Señor

    Author: Conor Gallagher

    Based on the true account of Spanish Armada Captain Francisco De Cuéllar. After a terrible storm in 1588, Captain Francisco De Cuellar of the Spanish Armada is washed ashore on Streedagh beach in Sligo. This is the story of his incredible Irish Odyssey.

    23rd of October, Axis Theatre

    Tour Oct/Nov 2010 The Adventures Of The Wet Señor



    Españoles en el mundo: Dublin

    El 20 de October de 2010 en Spain in Dublin, Spanish-Irish relations por | Sin comentarios

    Es la ciudad de U2, de Oscar Wilde, de la cerveza negra y de San Patricio. “Españoles en el mundo” visita la capital de Irlanda.

    Un lugar lleno de estudiantes que buscan mejorar su inglés, y de extranjeros que buscan empleo en un país, hasta hace poco, emigrante.

    Por sus calles nos guían seis compatriotas. Ellos nos invitan a conocer el ambiente juvenil, la fiesta, la música y la gastronomía.

    Levantemos nuestra pinta porque nos vamos a Dublín.


    Transcultural: the cinema of encounter

    El 19 de October de 2010 en Cultural Activities, Spanish Cinema por | Sin comentarios

    film series at IC Dublin

    The contemporary documentary cycle “Transcultural: through the eyes of others” brings together a series of films which tackle the migratory convergence taking place in today’s Spain.

    The four documentaries in this selection have been made by independent production companies, and each one visibly attempts to a give new perspective on the meeting of cultures, highlighting both problems and solutions.

    The common thread in these productions is the need to discuss issues which are right up to the minute, and to shed light on the tensions and assimilations inherent in the collision of cultures.

    The documentaries in this cycle propose answers to the age-old problem of identity, and, in clear terms, set out to lay the foundations for a better future in which we can all integrate through dialogue.


    Felipe Gonzalez “on the run” and Franco’s soap opera

    El 13 de October de 2010 en Books, Spanish-Irish relations por | Sin comentarios

    I recall a day in 1968 which was exceptional only in that two interesting events happened in the space of a few hours which were otherwise repeated separately several times. At 4pm or thereabouts I recall receiving in my small flat, with junior colleagues from the British, French, Italian and German embassies, Felipe González, then a young clandestine trade union organiser. He briefed us on his political views and plans and disappeared into the streets, where he was “on the run”…

    Aiken’s Playpen
    by Michael Lillis

    Read more…Dublin Review of books



    What’s new to the Spanish Library in Dublin?

    El 11 de October de 2010 en Library por | Sin comentarios

    New to the library The latest additions to the library catalogue can be consulted as usual on-line.

    Click ÚLTIMAS ADQUISICIONES, then select “Dublin”, and choose the time period, for example, the past 15 days, the past month, or the past 3 months.

    Follow the link to check out our selection for October 2010


    Anchorman, Pop Tarts, Picasso…

    El 11 de October de 2010 en Art, Painters, Spanish Painters por | Sin comentarios

    Trinity College is home to an excellent collection of modern art – and even lets students borrow works for their rooms. This year, it’s showing them to the public and celebrating the scientist who started this cultural treasure trove, writes AIDAN DUNNE 

    Read more… Irish Times


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